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Human Resource Management Services:

Hiring Process

  • Write Job Ads

  • Post Job Ads

  • Review Applications with you 

  • Set up the interviews for you.

  • Sit in on the hiring process.

  • Extend the offer on your behalf.






New Employee Services 

  • Pre-onboarding

  • Onboarding 

  • Evaluations

  • Write Employee Handbook

  • Write Employee Operations Manual or Job Description Manual 

  • Trainings for  

    • Administrative Processes

    • Managerial Responsibilities 

"There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder."– Ronald Reagan

Are you experiencing growth and need to hire employees but do not have time to accomplish this task without neglecting your clients?

GAINS can help you with that

Are you busy?

Do you feel frustrated with employee performance but understand that the employees need to have clear expectations so they can meet your expectations?

GAINS can write those job descriptions or employee operations manuals so that employees can meet your expectations.  

Do you want to set a plan in place so that your new hires start on the right footing, developing a buy-in to your company?

Do  you want to increase employee retention and create a positive work culture?  

GAINS can help you with that through effective onboarding and trainings that are beneficial for you and your new employees. 

Have a need that is not listed here? Let's have a conversation about that need and see if GAINS can help make running your company easier on you. 

Executive Coaching | Career Change 

"Rhonda was a wealth of information regarding my career change.  Rhonda listened to my needs and concerns then developed a career strategy to reintroduce myself to the marketplace.  Rhonda provided powerful resume updates and professional advice to bring my LinkedIn profile current and relevant.  Because of Rhonda’s work and effort,  I much better prepared for this next chapter of life."

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